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MinimizeToTray Reanimated

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Well, the addon does as it says. If you minimize the window, it iconifies to the system tray.

The main problem is it needs to be reinstalled on each TB start, as it says it isn't installed, so an installation wizard appears, a TB restart is required and then, after two TB initializations, the addon works... until the next TB shudown. (Arch Linux Plasma)

Its pretty annoying for me restarting TB twice in order to make this work as I have to put my master password each time I start TB.

Besides the bug, it would be great some configuration options, like let the users specify if they want a single click, double click, or middle click to trigger the event, or let the tray icon visible even if the window is not minimized, so we don't need to search on the taskbar where TB is, and we can easily bring to front TB

DuckDuckGo (HTTPS / SSL)

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Some user said this isn't a secure service as it is a USA-based company. Well, as they stat on their privacy policy:, they don't collect any data, so they cannot share any data with anyone... besides, this user also stats this is a cookie-free service, but cookies are the only you can turn on.
This search engine is the great alternative to google, it returns very good results, and I only miss some google's features like filter results from date, or a few examples more.