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Redirect Bypasser

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No idea why. I havent added new addons. I've tried resetting the settings, to no avail. It just opens a blank page.

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Stylish - Custom themes for any website

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You know, click on the bookmarks menu, and up pops the box with the colour palette in it. Even Windows 3.0 had that.

This is a load of bollocks for code monkeys, not for normal users.

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Redirect Bypasser

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Awesome, excellent !

Just DON'T change the hotkeys or else it stops working completely ! It took me 3 months of it not working to accidentally click on RESET and find it works again.

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Redirect Bypasser

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You have to hover your mouse over the Google Image for 200ms, then the 2 icons appear, one to open the image directly, the other goes to the page. Awesome ! And there's so many more things it does. You just have to look at the OPTIONS. Brilliant !

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No configurable hotkeys, only a right click option. Configuration settings are a joke.

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Like the title says, it just doesn't work. Nothing. Useless.

Memory Fox

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FF is a greedy memory hogging MF, and this addon seems to help.
Don't forget to increase the default times between optimizing, because if you leave it at 0 or 1 min then it can interfere with websites loading - especially flash heavy ones, or one with movies like Youtube.
Not sure what the Blacklist is for ? Is it for sites you DON'T want MemoryFox to optimize ? That would be useful if it is.

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British English Dictionary

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Mozilla really needs to integrate this kind of thing into FF !!
I spent from v7 to v12 not knowing why spell checking whilst typing was not working - only to find out that it was now a sodding ADDON !!
No wonder people are going over to Chrome with design issues like this !

これは以前のバージョン (1.19.1) についてのレビューです。 

Leopard Mail-Default-Aqua

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Follow UID's advice about removing version number limitation and it works with 10.0.2.
Doesn't look so pretty in XP as in Vista or 7, but still very nice.


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No BACK button renders this browser impotent.

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MinimizeToTray revived

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Bloody BRILLIANT !! TB 10.0.2 and XP64.

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v2.1.702. Open a message and it just says "loading threadvis" and does nothing - forever.
RC on the 'loading....' message, and the formatting of the menu is shot to hell and also does nothing.
Pity. It looks great (for other people).

これは以前のバージョン (2.1.702) についてのレビューです。