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これらは、参考またはテストのために表示されているバージョンです。常に 最新バージョン のアドオンを使用してください。

バージョン 345.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 3.0 - 56.*, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.3.*

Compatiable with firefix 26.

バージョン 343.3 KiB 動作環境: Android 版 Firefox 10.0a1 - 21.0a1, Firefox 3.0 - 21.*, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.3.*

Fix tab focus issue like and
It seems that this is caused by some unknown issues in handling synchronized XMLHttpRequest.
I used it to load some local resources in This caused issues.
It's resolved in by using asynchronously api.

バージョン 343.3 KiB 動作環境: Android 版 Firefox 10.0a1 - 21.0a1, Firefox 3.0 - 20.0a1, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.3.*

Disable a few line of code which causes customize toolbar doesn't show. Especially for the first two runs, not sure why.

バージョン 340.8 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 3.0 - 18.0a1, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.3.*

Fix a cretical issue in
FF 15 strict mode doesn't allow function in if branch, so move out.

バージョン 333.2 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 3.0 - 9.0a1, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.3.*

Reduce memory usage.
Allow rate rules
A few other bug fixes

バージョン 329.3 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 3.0 - 8.0a1, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.2.*

Rewrite a lot of code to tuning the performance
Support Firefox Mobile/Fennec 4.0 to 8.0
Change the icons: Use a red icon if AutoPager a new rule may work on the current page. refer to <h href="&lt;a href=" https:="" <a="" href="" rel="nofollow">"" v1="" 792d24ab8c2f02fa42bcc077408747522e97180c33caf387da494e8ec1ed40be="" http%3A="""" icons.html"="" rel="nofollow">">icons for the icons means.
Some other small fixes

バージョン 294.5 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 3.0 - 7.0a1, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a3

Fix load next pages while on disabled web site.
Disable the rule if it finished longer then 1 seconds
Allow rules in other repositories: lite: unsubscribe, others: disabled
Fix the issue of unable to create rule after test rule.
Update locales

バージョン 291.7 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 3.0 - 6.*, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.2a1pre

Support latest nightly Firefox.
Fix issues in click only load
Filter rules the setting manage
Not update rules after AP update. Servers can't handle the update now.
Add menu item to Firefox top menu if the menu bar is hidden
Refactor to move some unnecessary code.
Fix issues in tweaking session feature which allow change the current url in history before you click any link in the pages other then the first page.
Fix issues in handling mini pages.
Fix issues in the Page Options functions

バージョン 291.6 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 3.0 - 4.0.*, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a3

  • fix html5 issues in FF 4:
  • improved the FF startup speed after install AutoPager. It add about 0.030 (0.050 in old version) seconds to FF startup time in my laptop.
  • add related search for site which support it
  • バージョン 288.9 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 4.0.*, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a3

    バージョン 337.6 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 4.0.*, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a3

    migration preference from autopager.x to extensions.autopager.x
    Fix, SiteWizard remember open in window or in sidebar
    Immediately Load in FF 4.0
    manually import node if importNode fails with "INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR: DOM Exception 5" for some cases
    Set base URI if load in iframe

    バージョン 332.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 4.0b8pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a3

    バージョン 305.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 4.0b8pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1b2

    バージョン 275.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 4.0b6pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a3

    Make it works on google instant search
    Tuning xpath generator
    Fix errors on help links

    バージョン 275.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 4.0b4pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a3

    Allow click (or Ctrl+Click) to view description for each menu items, setting options
    Allow set lazy load image source attribute. Some site use image lazy load by put real image source to a different attribute. Put it here will allow AutoPager put it to src after merge the page.
    Allow users define a filter list, AutoPager will never be actived on that.
    Fix bug: Stop work when scroll fast:

    バージョン 271.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 4.0b3pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a3

    xpcom component registration required after Firefox 4.0b2pre
    some small bug fixes

    バージョン 270.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 4.0b2pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a3

    1. Fix a memory leak for AutoPager for Firefox. Thanks goes to Ekuryua:
    2. Fix an issue when handling Link XPath if it return the url directly. Like the one in

    バージョン 269.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 3.7a5pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a2pre

    1. add back the Support for Firefox 3.0.x and Flock. Changes in last version make it never works on Firefox 3.0.x and Flock.
    2. Tuning performance
    3. Update locales
    4. Fix a possible conflict with adblock plus

    バージョン 273.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 3.7a5pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a1pre

    Update locales
    Fix some possible memory leaks

    バージョン 272.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 3.7a5pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a1pre

    fix errors in smart paging
    support latest fennec 1.1.*
    update some locales

    バージョン 339.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 3.7a1pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a1pre

    Allow discovery experimental rules.We added the rules discovery for AutoPager normal version from version It will try to check whether there are some experimental rules for the sites. An experimental rule is a rule submitted by other AutoPager users, pending review in our repository. View for detail.

    Bugs Fixed:
    Fix bugs in handling filter rules. The bug will make AutoPager delete all the matched contents from the first page. But the designed behavior should be deleting only from the loaded pages.

    Change Detail:

    バージョン 337.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 3.7a2pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a1pre

    Improve ajax support. Refer to for detail. AutoPager will now re-support ajax mode google now. I hope google not change their layout to anti autopager recently.

    バージョン 334.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 3.7a1pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a1pre

    Fix issues with seamonkey
    Fix flex issues in setting dialog
    remove autopager refinement

    バージョン 333.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 3.7a1pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a1pre

    1. Add monitor xpath. Clean Loaded Pages when elements by monitor xpath clicked/changed. I hope this will better google search.
    2. Fix issues in process html response with multiple <html></html> bodies. Thanks the bug report at
    3. Fix tweak session issues
    4. Disable rules auto discover in lite mode. This server can't handle the requests now.
    5. Fix issues in request for help

    バージョン 329.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 3.7a1pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a1pre


    1. Disable session tweaking by default, you can enable it in Tools->AutoPager->Core Options
    2. Improving handling of rules with EnableJS disabled
    3. Allow users customize the repository-site, default is, you can choose from,,, if the default doesn't work.

    Bug fixes:

    1. Fix issues in handling content type

    Fennec Only Features:

    1. Insert browser icon in the right bar after bookmark icon instead of toolbar icon for Fennec.
    2. Add some core options for Fennec.

    バージョン 323.0 KiB 動作環境: Firefox 1.5 - 3.7a1pre, SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.1a1pre

    Bug fixes:

    1. Improve performance more. AutoPager will try to load next page without clone the current page if possible.
    2. Fix Filter XPath not working in 0.6.x
    3. Fix issues in handling rule override


    1. Add pause under Immediately load. It will pause the actions triggered by immediately load. You can use Ctrl+Alt+Q to pause an immediately load. More info: