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Brilliant add-on, insanely useful. Like many other users, I was very sad to see that Thunderbird has broken its compatibility in its latest version (68). I don't know if it can easily be fixed, but I really hope its author will find the time to do it. Thanks in advance. :)

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Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export Enhanced

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Does not work on Thunderbird 31.1.2. The export process was successful (as far as I can tell), but the import failed (no rules were imported) although it said that it was successful.

That being said, as other commentators have mentioned, the filters rules for any account are simply stored in a file called msgFilterRules.dat, that you can easily find in your TB profile folder. You can just copy that file into your new profile (and maybe you have to restart Thunderbird) and that's it, no extension needed.

Dictionary Switcher

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This is a very useful extension, but the "detect dictionary as I type" feature does not really seem to work. Just now, as I'm typing this message, most of the words are marked as "wrong" because it didn't switch to the English dictionary. I don't know if it's possible, but one way to solve this would be to check every few seconds : if most of the words I'm typing are marked as wrong, then the extension should try another dictionary and see if it gets better.

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