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Auto Compress File

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Great addon!

When using FileLink, even if the file is uploaded onto the server (and should not exist anymore in the message), autocompress zips it, creating again the attachment.

There should be an option to disable it when using Filelink uploads.

To workaround the issue, I checked the confirm compress option (in miscellaneous), and I manually refuse to compress when linked.

All the best to you! Great work!

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Print pages to Pdf

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I have tried for a couple of days to print some webpages that were important to us. Unfortunately not even NitroPDF couldn't do it wright nor Foxit Phantom (which I have bought)

So after testing about 10 free apps I decided to look at Firefox addons and this was the real thing!

What is on screen HTML is also the same in PDF.

Great work! Thanks,

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Auto Zip Attachments

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Is it possible to improve the addon to work on existing email and modify the emails (on IMAP for example)?

We have an sm-archive milter, that send all email to an archive account. Our users have very large attachments that can be compressed very much.

Thank you!