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Nome Razvan Farte
Località Romania
Lavoro Programmer
Utente da Marzo 18, 2018
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Google Keep Tab

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I have just installed the plugin and I am currenlty waiting for syncing (I have lots of notes)
I am so excited. I've been in need for an integration to GoogleKeep with my Ubuntu for 2 years now and I finally found a solution with this thunderbird plugin. Amazing. I am thinking to contribute in the future, just to make sure this plugin stays alive.

Update: The sync is fast, as fast as the Google Keep browser version, but the memory footprint increased with almost 200Mb ( a chrome tab for Google Keep is the same size + the chrome browser itself)
Happy to have my Google Calendar, Google Keep and email integrated with Thunderbird on Linux

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (0.10.4) del componente aggiuntivo.