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Restart Button

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works fine !W


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OK, I modified the "your group domain name" table, I filled it with only the domain part of my own email addresses.
Now I see, that the "TO:" addresses of e-mail appear either in the "Your domain address" either in the "Other domain address".
But I don't see the "From:" address, so how can I verify and confirm here, that I use the proper "From:" address?

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When the add-on stops to confirm the addresses, the Other domain address is filled with the To: address of the e-mail, however the Your domain address isn't filled.
I tried to add my from addresses to Options/ Your group domain name, but no success, Your domain address is till not filled
I don't know how to further.
If I confirm the To address, TB will send the email successfully.
Please help!


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Your domain address is empty
What do you mean by "register your domain"
Other domain address To: is filled,
Send and Cancel works fine.

Auto Select Latest Message

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2.3.0b1 works fine now on TB68, thanks-

Windows Taskbar Unread Badge

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The badge doesn't appear neither on the envelope icon in the tray nor on the Thunderbird icon in the active programs part of the taskbar.
Windows10 1809, Thunderbird 60.4.0, Windows Taskbar Unread Badge Version 1.2.20181207

Disabling Windows 10 "use small taskbar buttons" settings
now the badge appears,
however when have 1 unread message it shows 6, reading this message it shows no badge.
Using POP accounts

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It's a great addon, only the search is missing, although the sorting of xnote column helps,.
I can use the Message_IDs from the .xnote filenames searching with Ctrl Shift F using the Message_ID custom field added by with customize - but this is slow.

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