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Private Tab

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The Private Tab extension used to work well... until I updated Firefox to version 52.0 (64-bit). Now, if I have a bookmark with "private:" prefixed to the URL -- e.g. "private:https://addons.mozilla.org/" -- the bookmark no longer works at all. Are other people seeing this too?

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CanIUse Search Bar

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I use many search engines in my Firefox search bar. They all work well except this one. It _always_ takes me to the wrong page in CanIUse.com. I've tried surrounding the search term in quotes but it doesn't help. This is completely useless and I've removed it from my search list.

Now I just go to CanIUse with an ordinary bookmark, and use their built-in search box at the top of the page, which works fine.

Private Tab

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@ -1:

I didn't know about clicking the address icon, but now that I try it... I'm seeing approximately the opposite of what you're reporting. Firefox is telling me that Tracking Protection is working for _all_ pages that have tracking elements (including this one), whether they're private windows, private tabs... or ordinary (not private) windows or tabs!

Maybe there's some about:config settings that affect this? Or might the FF alert be feeding off the anti-tracking filter installed in AdBlock Plus or some other extension? Seems unlikely... Moz said they were adding anti-tracking to private windows, not for _all_windows. I have no idea what's going on here.

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Private Tab

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wongchunwai said: "its really great. would be prefect if private mode trun on automatically by detecting predefined url/domain."

It does. From the (very limited) documentation: "Also you can create private bookmarks to always open some links in private tabs: just append “private:” before URL, example: private:https://addons.mozilla.org/"

Question: In the newest Firefox 42.0, they've added some anti-tracking features to private windows. I assume that works in private tabs too, but I'm not sure. Does anybody know?

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Font Finder

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This extension is worse than useless because, although it shows the correct font stack, it can actually show the wrong rendered font.

For example, I have a stack that starts with Georgia, Times, etc... This extension claims that the font actually rendered is Times, but that's simply untrue; Georgia is available and is being rendered. Although they're fairly similar fonts, I know the difference between the two -- just zoom in on a lower-case "i" or "j" and it's obvious. (I used to teach typographic design.) Anyway, just to make sure I wasn't making a mistake, I checked it against a font book. I wasn't wrong; the extension was.

I don't know what the problem is with this extension. Might it be because I'm using an older version of Mac OSX? (Snow Leopard, 10.6.8.) Hard to believe that would matter... and if there's a compatibility issue, it should just refuse to work at all. Anyway, until they correct this bug, I advise people to avoid it because it could confuse you big-time.

By the way, they do seem to have fixed the entirely different problem I reported back in 2012, in my prior 1-star review. I thought I'd give this another chance now. Oh well.

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Font Finder

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I'm using Mac Firefox. Until recently, Font Finder worked fine. In the newest version of Mac Firefox (15.0.1), however, Font Finder only works the first time I use it after launching Firefox. After that, the extension doesn't work. I have to quit and re-launch Firefox each time I want to use Font Finder -- which obviously makes Font Finder completely impractical to use. The highlighting (of the extension's icon, if clicked on, and the text) seems normal, but no informational box pops up at all. Nothing. It (mis)behaves the same way regardless of whether I use the Font Finder contextual menu or the toolbar icon. A shame, really; it was great when it worked.

Does the developer test this in the Mac version? Of course it's possible there's some conflict with another extension I run, since I do run a bunch. Any suggestions would be appreciated; I miss this extension.

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