Add Signature Riavvio richiesto

Simply add your signature manually (right mouse click) to your emails

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Gnome Open Riavvio richiesto

Open your mail attachments directly with your default gnome application.

Is Gnome Open still needed? Please read "Developer Comments" below.

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MR Tech - Gant Icon Pack Riavvio richiesto

This icon pack is specifically designed to replace the menu icons supplied by MR Tech Local Install (should work with my MR Tech About:About 2.x & Toggle Preview Pane extensions too). As a request from Frackounet (French locale translator) I...

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Page Content Estimator

This addon estimates the number of links in a target page.

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Evolution Mirror Riavvio richiesto

Mirrors calendars to Evolution Database Server to allow them to be viewed through the gnome clock applet

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ePhotoUploader Riavvio richiesto

ePhoto Uploader is a Mozilla/Firefox addon to allow you to upload any image on websites you're browsing to your ePhotoBay account by just one click. For the addon to work a free ePhotoBay account is required.

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Grocery List Generator Riavvio richiesto

The GLG (Grocery List Generator) is a helpful little tool to store your recipe-ingredients and other groceries you need regularly. It creates a well-organized grocery list to help make your grocery shopping as easy as possible.

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Caret Out Riavvio richiesto


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SMTP Control Riavvio richiesto

SMTP Control is a Thunderbird Add-ons offering dynamic selection of outbond SMTP server while sending a message.

By default thunderbird offer the ability to define a list of SMTP servers. With one global default server for all email accounts or one ...

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BOINC Stats 2 Riavvio richiesto

Displays your Total and Recent Average Credits for BOINC distributed computing projects in the status bar.

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Edit HTML Source Riavvio richiesto

You can now edit the HTML source in the Compose...

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Nepali Patro Riavvio richiesto

Calendar for Nepalese People

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SmtpSwitch Riavvio richiesto

SmtpSwitch allows to choose the smtp server when clicking on the 'Send' button.

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Just Restart! Riavvio richiesto

Restart application with Ctrl+Shift+Z.

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About:about Button

A button that lists all the about pages that exist. Some of these pages are also provided as separate buttons.

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Edit Custom Size Image Riavvio richiesto

Fixes a bug in SeaMonkey Composer and Thunderbird Message Compose whereby the Image Properties dialog would always reset the image to actual size.

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Pydio for Filelink Riavvio richiesto

Adds support to use Mozilla Filelink with an Pydio account.

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Snakes by Bluemods

Classic Snakes game at your fingertips.

Snakes by Bluemods is a free-to-play single-player classics arcade game designed and developed by Justin Gates at The game allows the players to maneuver a snake made up of tiny squares.

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Orb VideoMail Riavvio richiesto

Toolbar button for creating videomails OF ANY LENGTH right from within Thunderbird. This is videomail freed from attachments!

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GuifiProxy Infocentre Santa Bàrbara Riavvio richiesto

Facilitates the use of proxies allows switching between them with two clicks, import i export lists, edit, add and delete manually, automatic authentication and exception address

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