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I just tried this with Thunderbird 60.8 in Windows 10 since it doesn't seem to have Notification center support yet (that support showed up on my Mac months ago for its notification center AND Thunderbird changes the icon to indicate there's mail in the macOS dock as well so Thunderbird under Windows 10 seems irritating to say the least as there's no way to check for mail but to manually use the program).

So this addon didn't seem to work at first, but then I read a review that said you cannot use the small taskbar/tray icons. Turning it back to normal got it to display so kudos to that reviewer as they are correct. It's a pity there's no support for the smaller taskbar icons as they're quite large at "normal" size IMO and I like the smaller set much better. Perhaps that support could be added in the future?

There's no configuration options and it seems to show the total number of mails waiting even if they're duplicates. For example, I sent myself a test mail and it showed up under "Inbox", "All Mail" and "Important" for that one message and this addon showed that as three emails instead of one. It'd be nice if you could set it to just look at the inbox folder. At least it doesn't report emails in the spam folder (thank goodness).

So overall, it's better than the no indicator at all (save the 10 second 'alert' if you happen to be looking at the time) that Thunderbird comes with for Windows 10, but I'd like it a lot better if it supported the small icon set too and could be set to only count the inbox totals (hint hint ;-)

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (1.2.20181207) del componente aggiuntivo.