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I was hoping to find an add-on that would fix Thunderbird's broken-by-design email notification popup so that it showed the newest emails first in the list, rather than showing a few recent unread mails, and then running out of room before getting to the latest ones.

This add-on's vague description didn't give me a ton of hope that it could do that, but I figured I'd try it out, since unlike most Thunderbird add-ons, it's been updated to show as compatible with 60.x.

Unfortunately the add-on has no effect on Thunderbird 60.4.0 on Windows 7. Is it even *supposed* to work on any version of Windows? The top Google result for '"notify-send" library' is a source file from the GNOME project, so I'm guessing this add-on is only designed to work on Linux (and maybe Solaris), but the developer simply didn't bother to mark it as such (neither textually, nor with metadata).

I did try clicking on the "Add-on home page" link, but it just takes you to the developer's blog main page, and there are no instances of "thunderbird" or "notif"(ications) on the first two pages of posts.