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Very useful addon; will there be a version for thunderbird 60 (64 bit)? Bye and thank you

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Hi. Sure, as soon as the mozilla community publish a full detailed info on "what has to be changed for the addons which used to work for years now could work again"... Besides this cynical comment, i'm currently struggling to find out myself with small hints i can find on the web, and i'm really struggling... So it is not garantuee. Cheers.

EDIT: TB v60 compatibility is now OK in forthcoming ACF v1.1.0.

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Five stars for me: a very useful add-on, highly configurable.

Nevertheless, I have a little complaint and a feature request.

1. After the first confirm popup asking if I want to compress, clicking Yes, I was prompted by a second one, for the name.
IMHO, the cancel button doesn't function: it should be an abandon, while now it prompts indefinitely with the same popup.
Three options here:
a. Don't show a cancel button. (very bad choice, for me)
b. Send the email immediately, leaving the attachments uncompressed
c. Come back to the editor (useful if I notice a missing attachment or something wrong in the text: imho the main reason to cancel, at this point)
Explaining it in the same popup, of course

But maybe you could simplify and boost the whole behaviour by prompting the user only one time:
- a check button "Compress?" -better if selected by default or not by a configuration option-, and an entry field for the name (hidden\editable depending the check),
- a "Send" button,
- a "Cancel" button, to come back and modify something wrong or missing

2. I don't know if it's possible, but what is really missing is the availability to protect the zip with a password.
A second entry field ("blank for not"). Or a check button and an hidden\editable entry field? I don't know.

Thank you in advance

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (0.2.6) del componente aggiuntivo. 

Hi, thanks for the review.
1. If you are prompted by a dialog asking for name that's because you've enabled this mode (Settings > Compression > Compression method), which you've obviously chosen because that's not default option to ask for a name while compressing. The "cancel" button is meant to cancel the renaming, not the compressing. As you've noticed you are already asked to compress or not at first. Why would you go back now? I don't think you would like a final dialog to ask for compressing confirmation... If you've set a bad name, or want to go back to default generated name (which can be customized), then this "cancel" button does it. Dialogs (1) ("Compress?") and (2) ("Name?) definitely cannot be mixed because they have a clearly different purpose: dialog (1) could be enabled/disabled for any compression; dialog (2) is here only if you've set "ask for a name" in settings, it's useless if original name is used, or if a customized name is set.
What you suggest at last, is some form of "interactive" mode which is an unplanned feature i've got in mind. Maybe somedays, when days would be shorter and sky more cloudy.
2. The Mozilla native API does not provide any kind of password protection. That's a development choice i'm not responsible for and cannot override unless API itself evolves.