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Does not work with files dragged. Only works with files added by the button "attach". Please solve this.

If it were as simple to "Auto Zip Attachments" would be better.

However, great work and thanks for the contribution.

**Sorry for my bad english**

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (0.2.4) del componente aggiuntivo. 

Hi. Sorry, but it seems you have not understood how it works or what this addon is for.
Sure it does work for dragged files! I'm sure about it because a) i never use "attach" button, and given dozens and dozens and dozens of tests i've done while developing this addon i would have noticed it b) how can the addon seriously make a difference between a file attached through the button or by drag'n'dropping?? an attached file is an attached file. final dot.
As for the "simplest" i'm sorry but you cant't get powerful features without some kind of complexity... complexity which is widely reduced by a smart thinking of default behaviour and also by exhaustive explanations of features through settings dialog and through mozilla addons website.

Furthermore, there is a dedicated support email address: if there is something unclear i'ld be glad to make it more clear.