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Easiest YouTube Video Downloader

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not what expected based on the description. I like the idea and seeming ease of this add-on but am disappointed about the available choices of format to download as. The description states, "It simply adds a download button below the video player and dropdown options to download YouTube videos in FLV, 3GP, MP3, MP4, 720p, 1080p formats." but in the nearly 50 videos I've looked at, the only options I've been given were FLV and MP4, sometimes 720p, others 1080p and on a handful, the option for both 720p and 1080p. I've yet to see 3GP or MP3 as an option, and MP3 was the main reason I wanted this add-on. I know that I have a program already on my computer that I could convert them but if a description for an add-on states it will save in a specific format, then I expect to be able to save in that format and not need to convert it.

Further, this is labeled as a No Restart add-on but the button to download a video did NOT appear until after I restarted Firefox. It wasn't as if when I added this to my add-ons that I already had YouTube open and needed to refresh the page. I didn't even open YouTube until after I got this add-on. But there was no download button. But after I closed FF and restarted it, the download button was finally available. Another problem I have is that when I clicked on the "Support Site" link, it did me absolutely no good as it took me to a link for a registry cleaner. If I had wanted a reg cleaner, that's what I would have looked for. I wanted the support site for this add-on. If I click on a link that says it is a support page for a specific add-on, that is what I expect to open rather than something totally unrelated to this add-on. So in light of these issues, I highly doubt I will keep this add-on, unless I can get answers as to why this is happening...mainly the issue of not having all the options to save as the description states.

Multi Links

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I was having the same issue as travbailey prior to the update to FF29. Now this add on is pretty much useless. IDK if it is just a matter of the revision number, but I suspect it's a LOT more than that.

From :travbailey
[quote]the developer's web site is down.
When I right click on a page to do spelling corrections for example, I can't continue to type without hitting escape. When I disable this add on, everything works fine.
I keep this add on disabled, and only turn it on when i really need it.[/quote]

Medical Spell Checker with OpenMedSpel

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Any time I install a fresh profile of FF (whether on a new device or because I've lost patience cleaning my profile up), I usually install OpenMedSpel. For some reason, last week when I got a new profile, I did not install it. I do a lot of posting on medical related sites, or of medical items and it's great having a spell checker/dictionary that actually recognizes words I type quite often. I am glad I finally realized my problem today and remedied it! Excellent add-on for anyone who uses a lot of med terms.

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Ellens Purple 2

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I use it on my desktop and tablet. I almost wish I'd thought to use it as my Windows bkg as well. Purple is my favorite color so this is an option that is just the right purple without going overboard.I really like the color variation init as well.

Save to G. Drive

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When looking at add-ons, if I read "Save online files directly to Google Drive" and there is nothing stated in the description that states that certain files, such as images, are excluded, I expect to be able to save files, including images, which the last I checked ARE FILES, to my GDrive. When I cannot, then I feel I have wasted my time on an add-on that was virtually useless to me. Had the description stated something about not being able to save images, then I would have passed over this add-on. I normally read the reviews, and had I done so, I would have not bothered with this add-on. But, because I was in a bit of a hurry, I skipped the reviews, much to my regret now. If there is a file type that is unable to be saved, then change the description to state that. I don't think I've ever left such a negative review, but quite honestly, this add-on does NOT do what it says it does. Don't waste your time on it if you want to save image files. If changes happen and an update is made so that images can be saved, then I'd certainly try this add-on again and give a different review if improvements are made. But please consider changing the description to add what cannot be saved.

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Custom Buttons²

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I have been sadly remiss in reviewing CB2. I have used it for quite awhile now and LOVE it. I consider it to be one of my most important extensions. I have well over 100 buttons installed and I miss them all since switching to a browser that is not compatible with CB2. Thanks to CB2, I was able to remove quite a few extensions that did one thing and one thing only, which was provide a single button to do that one thing. I'd much rather have one extension do multiple things, rather than have 4 or 5 extensions doing 1 thing. CB2 greatly helped in treating my "extensionitis"!

Everyone at the CB2 forum is wonderfully helpful in making new buttons from scratch (something I've yet to try), editing existing buttons to suit the individual users needs and fixing any button issues there might be. Although I don't see that happening often at all.

Everyone has been so very patient and helpful when I've asked what I am sure are dumb questions. No one (other than myself) has hinted that the questions were dumb. And if someone has a doable request, they try to either direct the requester (is that even a word???) to the right place if the answer is already on the forums or they answer it, with none of this "RTFM noob" I've seen elsewhere.

I've asked for buttons and received them quickly. I've asked for help in editing buttons and got it fast. And have been told "you can do it" when I've expressed that someday I will attempt to make my own buttons.

All in all this is an excellent extension with wonderful support.

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I do not think this is TOO purple! I love it quite frankly and wish I could find a Vista theme like this. The purple alone was enough to sway me but then ya had to mention Lupus awareness. I don't have lupus, but have RA, frequently tested for lupus because I have a lot of the lupus symptoms though. Especially the butterfly rash. So, raising awareness of any rheumatic disease is awesome to me. I work with support groups and find that helps go a long way toward educating people that these are serious diseases.

But, the purple is too cool! I've been wanting purple buttons since switching to FF3 and now I have them! Thank you!

United States English Spellchecker

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Wow now I can stop thinking I'm crazy! I didn't have this installed and the word "isn't" was flagged as misspelled. Well pretty much every contraction I typed was flagged unless I manually added them to the dictionary. So this is helpful. I just wish I could access one more of my old dictionaries as an extension needing an update to work with FF3. Then I'd be having less of a problem with medical words.

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Until the last two days, I did not realize how much I rely on this extension! So thank you so much for doing the update.

Dog Ears

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I miss using Dog Ears since it is not compatible with FF3. Any chance of it being updated soon?

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Forecastfox Weather

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I like Forecastfox, but when opening a window it causes everything to load so very slow. It's not worth it to me to have to wait on Forecastfox to load and then be able to access my pages. I've used it for some time and until it started doing this, I was more than happy with it. But now, I've uninstalled it. It also caused pages to be slow when it updated as well.

At times it would state the weather was sunny when in fact it was raining or vice versa but that's normal for this area. I don't need something to tell me if it is sunny or cloudy. I can look out my window for those facts. I'm mainly concerned with the radar and the temp.

It's really sad that the problem of causing Firefox to be slow caused me to stop using this extension. Fix that problem and I might use it again. I used to recommend it to others but now, not so much.

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