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I find this addon super helpful alongside my Nextcloud Carddav setup. Only thing I find annoying, when you create an email from a category it forces you to BLIND CC everyone due to some German Data Protection law. I am in --CANADA-- This option should be location specific.
That's my only complaint.

*Edit. Just found out this can be achieved using the contact sidebar and selecting the category... So.. 5 star for me.

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Provider for Google Calendar

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I found a workaround for now:

Delete your saved tokens via Options, Security, Saved Passwords. Delete all OAuth tokens for Google Calendar then closed TB.

Open TB. You will get a popup for each Google Account associated with the calendars you have. Pay close attention to the account name and authorise only the first pop-up, then CLOSE the rest, and close TB again. Repeat this process for each Google Account until all are authorised.

Hope that helps everyone

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