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Hello, this morning my updated thunderbird is so sad and ugly because of the incompatibility of this marvelous theme with the 68 version. I've tried to bump the maxVersion in install.rdf to 68.0 but, alas, it's not working :(
Thanks anyway for your so wonderfull and usefull job

Thank you for your kind words about my add-on.

Concerning compatibility with TB68, indeed it is not possible to use the current version of my theme even by upgrading the compatibility number in the install.rdf file. TB68 brought some major changes and I need to rebuild my add-on. It won't be anymore a "theme extension" as it used to be (because starting TB68 themes can't deeply customize the UI anymore), but "simply" an "extension" ("normal" extensions have still the possibility to extensively modify the UI).

I started to work on the port, but seeing that I don't receive that much support for my add-on and thereby have to exclusively work on it during my free time, it will take some time before a new version of my theme will be available.

Thanks for your understanding.

By the way, please use the support link (next to the add-on description) if you are facing issues with my theme (included compatibility one) instead of the review section. Thank you

Peringkat 5 dari 5 bintang

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