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works without problems:
TB 78.4.2 / Provider f CaldavCardDav 1.24 / TBSYNC 2.19 / Provider f Exchange 1.20 / Windows10 64bit

Syncinc multiple Accounts - Exchange and mainly Google.

Just to prevent further confusion -
- can you please explain why Google is no longer officially supported and what this can mean for the future? As there must be millions of users using thunderbird to sync google contacts + calendars.
What is actually going on and why is support being debricated? please explain. many thanks, until now however the addons work like a charm.

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EDIT update on Google Calendar Invitations:

System : Windows 10 64bit
TB 78.3.3 (32 bit)
TBSYNC version 2.18
Prov CalDAV / CardDav version 1.21
Provider for EAS Version 1.20

multiple GOOGLE accounts synced for addressbooks + calendar(s)

All of a sudden INVITING PEOPLE to a calendar appointment in Thunderbird now seems to work fine.
In my 1st google account i went to the calendar view, right-clicked my main calendar and checkt the assigned eMail address which i set to that of the google account.

On my 2nd google calendar with a different google account (one that i share with a friend) i was not able to set the assigned email address because i did not configure this account for email.
Still --- invitations work and they are sent SERVER SIDE (aparantly from google).

Seems that this whole imvitation thing is mainly a google ApI / server side config twiggle but i hope it will run reliably in long turn.
so just for info ... though i did not change anything, invitations now work :-)
greetings from Vienna, from Roland Schweiger :)

Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya (1.21) sebelumnya. 

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Thunderbird 78.3.3 / Windows10 64bit

using with TBSYNC and Google Account and seems to work well.

Q: invitations do not seem to work - eMails will not be sent. any idea?

Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya (1.21) sebelumnya.