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Pengguna sejak April 18, 2011
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Old Default Image Style

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I love this addon, it is essential for me. As soon as they changed it to that odd-lookin' gradiented grey background, I wanted the old, nicer and cleaner/easier to see white background.

Keep up the great work, I love this add-on! :D

Stylish - Custom themes for any website

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This is a great and essential addon. I have always installed it, even back when I was using FF3. (I have since switched over to SeaMonkey)

Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya (2.0.4) sebelumnya. 


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Great extension! I like having the option for a close button on each tab. :)
A feature suggestion, could you add an option to have multizilla-style close buttons that appear in place of the favicon when you hover the tab as "5" in?