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Ever since the new update, typing multiple words divided by a space into the urlbar and pressing Enter or the Go button does nothing in SeaMonkey. This was useful for getting to sub levels of sites, like typing "yahoo mail" would take me directly to the Yahoo Mail login page.

This is working for me if I have Google feeling lucky.

What engine do you have as your keyword search engine? And what other features do you have turned on?

Feel free to post here - so we can get it figured out.

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I liked this extension very much when it came out but the latest update seems to have a serious bug: it sometimes fails to work. Just now I had it actually reset my settings to the defaults, after just using it not 2 hours ago!

On other occasions, it shows the correct settings under Options, but uses Google search. In those cases, Disabling and Enabling the extension gets it running again.

It would also be great to see this extension for SeaMonkey!

Ulasan ini dibuat untuk versi pengaya ( sebelumnya. 

Can you do me a favor and post here - - I'd like to work with you to try to fix this problem.