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This addon can be made to work with TB 60 with some editing.

Tested on TB 60.7.2 x64 on Windows 10 with Copy Plain Text 2, Version 1.6. Addon fully functional after doing the following edits.


1. Unzip the .xpi file (change extension to .zip to extract natively, or use 7-Zip or other extractor).

2. In extracted root folder, open "install.rdf" file in a text editor.

3. Search for "<!-- Thunderbird -->" string, then the "<em:maxVersion>" string underneath it. Change the version number to "60.*" (no quotes).

4. Save file.

5. Go to "chrome" folder, then go to "content" subfolder inside of "chrome". Open "options.xul" file in text editor.

6. Search for line (no end quotes): "<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin/" type="text/css"?>"

7. Add new line underneath (no end quotes): "<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://messenger/skin/preferences/preferences.css" type="text/css"?>"

8. Save file.

9. ZIP up addon, keeping complete folder structure. Change .zip extension to .xpi.

10. Install in TB 60.


Notes: The edit to "options.xul" makes the Options window work again. Without that particular edit the addon will load via setting "extensions.strictCompatibility" to "false" in about:config or by bumping the maxVersion alone...but the Options window freezes all other Thunderbird tabs when opened and the settings in the Options window won't stick.