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S3.Google Translator

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Excellent add-on, please maintain for Thunderbird new versions!
I will contribute, please do the same!

Signature Switch

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Hello! Thanks for developer's efforts!

Now, I have an issue.
It does not seem to give a choice to place the signature "above" the quote (just after my reply text).
This is a bit boring...

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (1.7.1) del componente aggiuntivo. 

User Agent Switcher

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Really good extension.
A must have, if you want to increase anonymity.

Suggestion: Make last choice "permanent" between sessions (if desired).

Thank you!

Master Password+

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This add-on come to correct bad behavior of Firefox's master password manager. It gives you the possibility to customize it's use accordingly to your own needs.

I noticed that the author does not update the project since more than 1 year yet. I don't expect he will give continuation to it anymore...
It would be very nice, if this project could be forked, and at least the minor issues corrected.

A complaint to Firefox Project Management/Development:
Unfortunately, now-a-days product managers don't care about user needs nor to compatibility with prior versions, they must go for trends.
Developers must rush to build new versions, new features, a bunch of new crap, and aren't able to keep track of backwards compatibility.
Even the hard work of their colleagues, which give their time to build nice add-ons like this one, even this get's disregarded, and as a consequence, add-on functionality turn to be broken.
As a result, add-ons developers can't keep pace with Firefox's "high frequency" versioning, and stop production.

Who is losing in this process?
We, the users, exactly the target public, gets neglected, and loses in this process.

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