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I just read all the reviews and think there were 2 major issues reported and the answers are in the responses but figured it would easier for everyone to see them in the same area:

Flaw 1:
Fixing the Signature from the bottom to under your response or forward:

In the TB menu click on "Tools" then on Account Settings.

At the lower half of the first page, you'll see where you point to the Signature.html that you've created.

Then you go to page Composition and Addressing in the TB Tools menu.
At the top of the page, chose the following:
"Start my Reply above the Quote"
and just below that...
"Place my Signature below my reply but above the Quote"

This should fix the issue of the signature.

Flaw 2:
Fixing Not Having -- before the signature

In your html file add this to the beginning and it will remove the --

Hope this helps

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