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Ezóta tag dec. 5, 2018
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Gcontact sync is broken, after a Gmail API change. Code needs to be changed to multiple queries with max 1,500 contacts each. The problem is well documented on Github here and a concept code fix has been devised here

I've tried registering on the forum where the add-on author is clearly active, but it seems the registration code thinks I'm a spammer and won't let me register / post :-(

If someone can post this message on under "bugs", we might all have a fix in a few days. Thanks

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I have just updated TB and found that this add-on doesn't work with 68.1.0. My earlier 60.x tweak makes no difference.

Email without this feature is literally unbearable if you are a power user. I think it should be made a permanent feature of ALL email clients. This add-on places outgoing emails where you need them, not where a dumb default decides.

Paolo, I would be very willing to help in making this work under 68.x
Just write what you need from us users on this page?
Thank you for your really useful tools

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Good news, this add-on can be made to work in TB 60.x with a simple tweak. See here:

Many thanks to Paolo for his add-on!