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60 yo but think I'm 20 yo, avid player of FPS video games, read a lot of history, especially history books, married to wonderful wife and have wonderful 22 yo son attending college. Background of service in Nam, degrees in business, nursing, and psychology. Worked in psychiatric hospital for most of my career. Have strongly held opinions but open to any logical or reasonable alternative. I hate prejudice, sexism, racism, exploitation of the weaker by the stronger, dishonesty.

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This is a cheap attempt to add the Ask tool bar and would never add a extension that requires such a thing.

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This misleading product invites the installation of a executable that does not include an uninstaller which implies malware. This requires the user to edit the registry to get rid of it.
All in all this is an extremely poorly devised and implemented concept which spells trouble for the user and reflects extremely poorly on the sponsoring company . . . very likely fraudulent in some way.