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Név prairiehare
Hely San Diego, CA, USA
Foglalkozás Consulting Manager
Ezóta tag febr. 4, 2019
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for now simply a user of Thunderbird and Firefox

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Bagoly az Exchange számára

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I have tested this new Add-On in version 0.51 on Thunderbird 60.4 on KUbuntu Linux 18.04. The OWL-functionality works, except for the already reported bug with the attachments which occurs occasionally, but not always. The very new EWS access doesn't do the job right now as it doesn't catch the inbox, but only the sub-folders and has apparently also still an issue to get the contacts and the GAL. Integration with Enigmail works insofar as inline PGP is ok - a great feature would be PGP/MIME! The EWS would be really good as a cleaner access. Based on the current experience of a product in an early stage I am optimistic that OWL will be very helpful. Currently I leave it running in parallel in a separate installation, and use productively Exquilla.

Update: The developer has responded to the attachment issue immediately and thoroughly; obviously a complex thing which is rather based on the environment and the protocol than on the actual add-on implementation of the protocol itself. So, a five-star update is well earned. I am very hopeful for the this add-on, having experienced the commitment of the developer.

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (0.5.1).