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Név Dave
Ezóta tag okt. 12, 2011
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Select Address Book Text

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I've been using this for several months with no issues - and saved a lot of extra keystrokes - thanks.

How's about some paste functions as well? I mean, the number of times I have to split up an address and paste each line into TB's contact properties, not to mention email & tel numbers on different tabs. Dragging items between address fields doesn't work (it copies!). It must be possible:-
1. User recognizes address/tel/email is missing. Clicks on it: opens relevant tab in Properties.
2. User copies address from wherever (Word, web...), and paste is handled intelligently, putting the right lines in the right TB fields.
3. User saves contact; Properties closes and returns.

I'd use that extension!



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Hmm I had managed to get Lightning to work for me as I wanted - to have a list of events and a list of tasks all on the same tab. This latest release has scuppered that. I've had to convert everything to tasks - not ideal. I hate this trying to reduce everything to a "Today" view. I just want a set of date-based reminders, not full project management stuff. Why can't someone do a simple add-on for us simpletons?

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (1.0b7).