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Statusbar Date()

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Have you ever seen any other add-on with a facility to position the day / date / time within the add-on bar? Quite exceptional in my opinion. Other add-ons need to have the same facility because it is not possible to move an add-on within the bar using the Firefox customize facility.
If you simply want a clock that improves on Windows 7 clock then this is it. I have it positioned just above the Windows 7 clock and it gives a me a customizable day / date / time and even seconds. Even if you install another add-on in the bar this add-on will remain in the same position. Brilliant!

System Monitor

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The bar graph in the add-ons bar is exactly what I wanted to show me when my system is using too much memory. I have other tools that show me network up and down and what Firefox is using so this is exactly right.
The only slight complaint is that the colours for the background and foreground are not rendered properly in the bar graph. The only one I could find that looked really natural was purple for the foreground. That works well as the increased or decreased memory is traced with a lighter colour across the top of the purple bar. Great!
It would help though to have the add-on updated for Firefox 6.0.2 instead of having to open the install.rdf and change the maxversion each time a new version of Firefox comes out.

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Wow! I was bowled over with what this add-on could achieve. No other add-on that I could find has this versatlity. Because Chrome disables add-ons in its own 'incognito' mode I wanted a Firefox add-on that could open links or pages from Firefox in a Chrome sandboxed tab using an external sandbox program like Sandboxie. Launchy has a layman's facility (launchy.xml generator) to customize a context menu item using arguments which makes this so easy.Instructions on adding another customized menu item in the same xml file can be figured out from the example on gemal's launchy.xml file usage page, and although I have no coding knowledge I managed to figure it out and it all works brilliantly.What more can I say. Thank you.

Extension Manager Extended

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Until Paul has updated this to work with Firefox 4/5 may I suggest using the helpful Zippy Extension Packager. It will not provide dates etc.but it will show the ID and profile location for each extension.


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This is a well written add-on and in many respects very similar to MultiProxy Switch which has now disappeared from the Mozilla lists but still available direct from the developers web site.

GuifiProxy lacks any facility to quickly open Settings without having to go through Tools / Add-ons . An option in the Tools menu would be much more convenient.

I do not think the toolbar icon is as clear as MultiProxy Switch when showing what proxy is set or if no proxy set.

Where GuifiProxy scores over MultiProxy Switch however is in its ability to import and export lists, but having said that you have to be very careful when importing a list as this will completely overwrite any proxies you have already manually established. This in my opinion is a serious flaw. I made this mistake and had to re-establish a range of proxies which I had not backed up. There should be an option to add to or overwrite completely any existing list. Cancelling at the import stage has no effect because the list has already been overwritten.

Also when adding a new proxy manually it would be more logical not to have to actually click on one of the proxies in settings and then click the add button before the pop-up screen appears.

It would be better to have a facility to automatically sort the list alphabetically like MultiProxy Switch without having to move each proxy up or down.

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Great Add-on! It is so much more user friendly than NoScript. It trains you to be aware of what cross site requests are being made from each web site. It is possible to turn off 'Indicate Blocked Images' to make it even less intrusive. Keep up the good work.

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Perhaps this extension is not designed to be used for automatically re-loading a specified home page tab address at given intervals without having to set the interval via Tab Utilities or Tab Mix Plus. In these circumstances it does not work with more than one tab open.
This extension would have been useful as it would not have then been necessary to keep activating the TU or TMP timer each time the home page tab is opened or Firefox re-loaded.
When Firefox is loaded and the home page opened with the specified address set in Refresh2Page then that page will get refreshed at the given interval perfectly OK but if another tab is opened with a different address and the focus left on that other open tab then that tab gets refreshed / overwritten with the Refresh2Page URL.
All in all is does not work and there is no means of contacting the developer for support other than through this review system which is not what it is designed for.
Incidentally it is possible to force install this Add-on with Firefox 3.6.8 by installing the Add-on Nightly Tester Tools 2.0.3
I hope the developer and other users find this review helpful.


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This has to be one of the worst experiences I have had with any Add-on. It constantly grabbed all the cpu at 100% like js27 29-Mar-10 and froze up Windows completely at around 70% while checking 1400 bookmarks. Sorry to spoil the good rating it has so far but this has been my experience. I have uninstalled. I have been quite brutal with my rating but I had no choice. It may work well for a small number bookmarks but large lists causes it to fail.

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Currency Changer

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This add-on did not work at all for me. I even tried it in a basic profile. It gave a split second hint of working when changing screens so there is obviously some major incompatibility somewhere.
I emailed the developer with full details on two occasions for support but received no replies. Very poor!

Currency Changer

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Since my review I noticed that changing the currency was not automatic like in Convert My Currency. Currency Changer requires clicking the CC icon in the status bar to change to the target currency.

Better Image Tooltip

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Nice script but freezes itself up with Google Maps causing unresponsive script messages to display. Have had to uninstall.
I have installed the Greasemonkey script Image Title - Alt - Filename which does the same job and works perfectly with Google maps and AdblockPlus.

CallingID Link Advisor

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Nice clear display in Firefox of the owner of each link (when known).
Works reasonably well but ......

Causes Firefox to hang when clicking certain links.
Causes Firefox to hang closing tabs.
Sometimes Firefox will load & shut down immediately.
Reports some sites at risk which are trustworthy. (see ben101 review for full reason)
Poor support.
Reported discrepancies are not rectified.

Had been wondering for some time why Firefox kept locking up when clicking certain links. Had to change the configuration settings so that links that opened in a new window opened in a new tab instead. Worked for that problem but then closing a tab for some sites would lock up Firefox completely and the last straw came when I upgraded to Firefox 3.0.10 and clicked the link within Firefox's own site to see the 'list of bug fixes' and Firefox hung yet again.
Disabling all the Add Ons and then enabling them one by one tracked the culprit to Callind ID.
I have now permanently removed CallingID from my system and all works well now with just Site Advisor (version 26.6 I hasten to add).
Also I contacted support about why some sites have a question mark but then clicking the link says the site is verified. This problem has never been resolved and my last email was completely ignored.
There was a form to fill in at the end of the un-installation process which asks why you uninstalled. Sending the form returned an error.

Speed Dial

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Speed Dial version seriously interferes with the setting of Roboform Passcards in Firefox 3.0.3.

Since writing this review the developer has offered me the next version of Speed Dial namely version for me to test to see if this still causes any issues with Roboform. For the technical users out there I understand that Josep has used "iframe" object instead of "browser" to render the thumbnails in this development version. I can report that this has nearly, but not completely eliminated the problems with Roboform refreshing itself and displaying wrong passcards. When initially loading the computer / Firefox the wrong passcard is presented but this can be overcome by adding what you originally had as the home page to Speed Dial and then including Speed Dial as the home page. Then loading the first page from there seems to clear any issues in this respect.

Before testing I was definitely going to uninstall version and find an alternative but now I have kept version and will continue to evaluate it. I find the program very helpful to me and very well written.

I think there could be more direct help links and tutorials from the Speed Dial program itself without having to find the homepage link and looking for the manual. At times I find the manual lacking in sufficient detail and layman’s language when I do not understand what to do. I think a whole lot more information could be added to “Tips & Tricks”.

One piece of advice that Josep offered me with regard to “refresh stealing focus” was to tick the box “disable JavaScript in the background browser” (Advanced/ Other).
Because I am not technically minded I do not understand the implications of this. It does not disable Javascript in the Firefox browser from the tests that I carried out but so far it has certainly seemed to help the “focus” problem. I will have to wait and see.

I find the flexibility of adding thumbnail pictures very good but a bit hit and miss and difficult to understand at times. Getting the crop / size combination right can be tricky. In the end I was able to produce meaningful thumbnail pictures that are a pleasure to use but I am still at a loss to understanding the thumbnail picture pixel sizing and its effect.

I have only been using this program for a day or so and have still to get to grips with all that it has to offer. With its numerous features and lack of detailed help it is going to take me some time yet.

In view of what this new development version has to offer I am changing my original 1 star rating to 4 stars. I hope you find this review of more help than the previous one. The developer Josep is certainly very helpful and responsive to any issues that have been raised.

When this new version is released I would certainly recommend that you give it a try.

Good luck.

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According to the developer .....
"New versions of CookieSafe may still be released in the future, however most development will be focused on CS Lite."
CookieSafe is an excellent extension but CS Lite (currently version 1.1) "is a scaled down version of CookieSafe. Less features, more stable, easier to use."
CS Lite also has a blocklist facility which can be turned on or off. This is comprised of the hosts generated by the SpywareBlaster software. The developer is also asking for volunteers to help maintain this blocklist.
I do not understand why the developer does not add CS Lite to Firefox Add-ons or even replace CookieSafe with CS Lite,
This extension is available via the softwareblaze forum ......

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