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Just Report It

Just Report It ( is an email plugin which makes it easy to report spam emails back to the domain registrar. This method ensures that spam domains are effectively being blocked at the registrar level and not just locally.

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Hozzáadva: dec. 17, 2020

Safelink removal

Replace URLs which have been rewritten by Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection with the original URL.

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Hozzáadva: okt. 6, 2020

ProtonMail Encryption Status

When using ProtonMail Bridge to integrate Mozilla Thunderbird withProtonMail, it's not easy to tell which emails were end-to-end (E2E) encrypted. This add-on puts an icon in the toolbar above every message to show you its encryption status.

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Hozzáadva: okt. 6, 2020


Quick & easy PGP encryption / decryption tool
* Save & use many public encryption keys to encrypt mail content
* Save & use many private decryption keys to decrypt mail content

Using openPGP.js

Open Source

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Diese Erweiterung überprüft ungelesene E-Mails auf Spoofingversuche. Die E-Mails werden mithilfe von fünf unterschiedlichen Tests untersucht um deren Legitimität festzustellen. Die Tests werden einzeln erklärt auf der Einstellungsseite.

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Hozzáadva: máj. 14, 2020

Disable Signature Újraindítást igényel

Allows to disable the S/MIME signature of messages. Afterwards, these messages are no longer recognized as signed and their attachments can be deleted or detached.

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Hozzáadva: jan. 23, 2020

Un-Safelinks Újraindítást igényel

Replace URLs which have been rewritten by Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection with the original URL.

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Hozzáadva: okt. 23, 2019

Auto Address Cleaner T

Remove comment, display name from addresses before sending mail.

This add-on is a fork of Auto Address Cleaner.

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Hozzáadva: okt. 16, 2019

Autocrypt Újraindítást igényel

E-Mail encryption that gets out of your way. Compatible with Autocrypt and OpenPGP.


Caution: This extension can not be used together with Enigmail. Please remove Enigmail before installing.

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Hozzáadva: aug. 13, 2019

X-Spam-Score Column Újraindítást igényel

Adds a column for the X-Spam-Score header.

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Hozzáadva: júl. 10, 2019

Report Phishing Újraindítást igényel

Report Phishing is an Add-on for Thunderbird that makes it easy to report phishing emails. Reported emails are analyzed for malicious links that are then sent to security companies for blocking and mitigation.

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Hozzáadva: júl. 1, 2019


Signalez un e-mail non sollicité (SPAM, Phishing, ...) à SPAMBEE, et soyez alerté si vous ouvrez un email contenant une URL répertoriée comme frauduleuse.
Tous les signalements sont strictement anonymes et ne nécessitent aucune inscription préalable

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Hozzáadva: máj. 16, 2019

Confirm-Address2 Újraindítást igényel

Confirm E-mail addresses before sending mail.
This is forked from and works with Thunderbird 68.

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Hozzáadva: szept. 4, 2018

Unmangle Microsoft ATP Safelinks

Users of and o365 who have Advanced Thread Protection enabled will have all URL's in emails changed to redirect them to an Microsoft filter before opening. This is a bad idea.

This plugin will change the URL back to the original value.

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Hozzáadva: jún. 28, 2018

KeeBird Újraindítást igényel

Use KeePass Password Safe to manage your login credentials.

This is the replacement for the KeeFox extension for Thunderbird.

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Hozzáadva: máj. 14, 2018

Esign Újraindítást igényel

Электронная подпись для сообщений в Thunderbird на основе API клиента "ГУЦ"

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Hozzáadva: ápr. 5, 2018

Classic Password Editor Újraindítást igényel

Adds the ability to create and edit entries in the password manager.

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Hozzáadva: okt. 23, 2017

Remote Content By Folder

Decide whether to allow or block remote content in messages by comparing the names of the folders in which they are located to configured regular expressions.

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Hozzáadva: szept. 9, 2017


WarnAttachment zeigt einen zusätzlichen Dialog um das Öffnen von gefährlichen Anhängen zu bestätigen. Einige Anhänge wie z.B. .exe-Dateien werden komplett geblockt. Dies reduziert das Malware-Risiko besonders für unerfahrene Benutzer.

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Hozzáadva: máj. 1, 2017

Great DANE Újraindítást igényel

Retrieve DANE S/MIME Certificates for Encryption/Signing.

This extension enables users to automatically retrieve S/MIME certificates using the Great DANE Engine (

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Hozzáadva: febr. 1, 2017