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marks false "violations" for barracudacentral.org and unsubscore.com relatet to the shown IPs on nearly all mails. If you visit both sites directly and enter the "violant" IPs there are NO entrys shown realted to this. DKIM/SPF is ok. So I did deactivate both services to use rest functionality of this plugin

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Seems good so far but it interfers with the notifications in TB 45. So if TB says "Thunderbird thinks this message is junk", then you can't see the message from Thundersec. You can't click the close button either because the Thundersec messages are not underneath them.

I think it needs adjusting for average users. I just wanted to validate that messages were from the host they said they were and then either move to Junk or Deleted items (a feature I feel TB should have out of the box).

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Works very well and is an interesting addition to Thunderbird security. However, I would like the ability to turn off SPF checking because if your emails arrive through a forwarding service (eg. your own domain) every message fails SPF because the IP of the forwarding service is not designated as a permitted sender. Apart from this Thundersec is an excellent add-on.

Thanks for the feedback. Interesting use case.

It should be relatively straight forward to add this as a new feature. I created a ticket on GitHub for it: https://github.com/itemir/thundersec/issues/25

When we have a new release for ThunderSec, this will likely be included.

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From what I can tell, this is the only add-on that supports client side DNSBL checks. It comes with a pre-loaded list of DNSBL servers but what I really love is the option to add custom ones. You can even add several.

SPF checks also comes in handy, I already found some misconfigured e-mail servers for some of my friends!

Good job!

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Thanks for this great addon!

Can you please add FossaMail support? Its a Thunderbird fork from the Pale Moon develeoper and use the Pale Moon backend.

Keep up the great work!

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Thanks Bob, appreciate the feedback. I have opened a GitHub issue (#21) to track your request.

I have looked at FossaMail. From what I understand, Thunderbird add-ons should seamlessly work there. From their documentation: "[FossaMail] Should be compatible with all Thunderbird (v24/25b era) add-ons and plugins.". ThunderSec should be compatible with versions v25b and later.

Have you tried ThunderSec with FossaMail yet? If so, have you encountered any issues?

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Just installed, and immediately proved it's working on the first spam message received.
Only downside is that it will display its classification errors in classic view only. I use the Thunderbird Conversations addon, and the warning about spam doesn't show up there.
Nevertheless, a good add-on.

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As far as I can tell this is the ONLY addon that checks DNSBL's. I look forward to further developments. Would love to see some interaction with filtering/junk mail controls so that returns from DNSBL lookups can be used to determine spam or ham. In the meantime the DNSBL lookups on existing mail is certainly useful. Many thanks for the work so far.

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John, thank you for your review and feedback.

ThunderSec 1.1 introduces interaction with Junk Mail controls. There is now a button to "Mark as Junk" when a message fails DNSBL/DKIM or SPF checks. This is a manual process.

In addition to the manual process, there is also a setting in Preferences in Advanced Settings tab (disabled by default) that allows to automatically mark messages as Junk if they fail DNSBL, DKIM or SPF checks.