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The review by RJGync said this add-on no longer worked. I just tested it with the latest Thunderbird 45 and it works okay.

The problem mentioned by markrlondon on October 17, 2011 was still true on a PC.

"All of 'Copy Name & Home Address', 'Copy Home Address', 'Copy Name & Work Address' and 'Copy Work Address' produce copied text that has no line breaks in it. E.g. "John Smith1234Main StreetBigtown90210USA"."

Trying to copy the full name and address to Notepad on a PC shows no line breaks in the address. It is all one line. It is still a bit easier than copying each part of the address separately but it is annoying.

It is doubtful this will ever get fixed since the add-on is so old. But if the developer ever sees this, maybe the line break character being inserted is wrong for PCs but ok for Macs... please fix if possible. Thanks.