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Hello, thank you for a very useful and very promising addon. However, 1.5 has a few bugs running in TB 7.0.1 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

1) When a complete address (either private or work) is highlighted and copied using 'Copy Selection' then the second address field (the one without a label) is included even when it's blank. If it's blank it should really be collapsed in the copied text.

2) All of 'Copy Name & Home Address', 'Copy Home Address', 'Copy Name & Work Address' and 'Copy Work Address' produce copied text that has no line breaks in it. E.g. "John Smith1234Main StreetBigtown90210USA".

3) When the Enigmail addon is loaded then Select Address Book Text's right click menu conflicts with Enigmail's menu on the email address field. Only Enigmail's menu appears and Select Address Book Text's does not.

Hope this is helpful.

Greetings. Thanks for your review. The "Copy Home Address" context menu items are meant to copy the full address and should automatically add line breaks where needed. I can't replicate your problem on Mac platform and have heard no complaints from other users about this. I agree that extra line breaks get inserted if you simply copy a text selection, which is why the context menu items exist.