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I'm sorry but however good this addon is I can't use it - it puts a banner ad across the bottom of the screen with a flashing (!) "buy license".

This sort of thing should disqualify addons from being listed in the addon store IMO and I'll be petitioning for that with the Thunderbird community.

The addon seems in general to be alright, but I don't want shitty advertising distracting me when I'm trying to read emails.


Not sure how I'm supposed to reply, but I deinstalled. There was no facility shown as to how to cancel the banner, it was permanently shown when the addon is installed default. I wasn't using a premium feature, clearly I can't without buying a license. I did have a hack of the css to turn off the banner, but am not interested in using addons in that way - if you want to write addons that constantly flash on screen, that's your prerogative. It is FOSS and so a little adjusting of the css can remove it (and the code on github seems like licensing could be removed relatively easily) but I'd be wary of software written in that way, so I'm not sure it's for me.

Just to make it clear, I wasn't aware of using a premium feature, I just used the default install, I didn't activate anything unless it was a "drive by" install.

The notification could not be removed, there was no cancel button. The perpetually flashing "buy license" button was preventing me working.

Good luck to you; I appreciate you've created a good addon, but I wasn't looking for nagware or flashing ads.

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (3.11.1). 

You have 3 choices:
1 - you can deinstall the Add-on or
2 - do not use the specific feature that is listed in the notification bar.
3 - you can keep using the pro feature and be annoyed that it wasn't provided "for free". Note that the notification can be closed and it will not stop you from working

I would be curious on what choice you took.
thanks for the edit / feedback. Notification panels do have a removal button on the right, and if it is for a specific feature, the session should remember your decision and not flash it up again even if you use it as long as you have Thunderbird running. It does state which feature and the choice is either allowing free as in beer users access to the "premium" features in order to generate some interest in licenses or some other way promoting it which is usually inefficient. If you check the version histories of my Add-ons you see that I put a ton of time into feature development and (behind the scenes) write 100s of support emails for free (also for my free users). Working on porting the Add-ons to Thunderbird 66 is ongoing, support for next years ESR will likely cost 2 to 3 man weeks. That's why you see a lot of Thunderbird Add-ons that have stopped working with Tb60 - people do not want to do this type of work for free anymore. I am supporting my own Add-ons for 10 years now; had to build my own web shop (because Mozilla, unlike google, does not support monetising directly from their Add-ons "store") and I am helping Thunderbird with Add-on reviews and documentation. I have looked into other ways of monetising but I do not like ads or data snooping - the sort of stuff other Add-ons owners do in order to be "nice". Feel free to submit suggestions on making it better here if you still have a nerve for it: http://quickfilters.mozdev.org/bugs.html