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Impressed with the ease of setting, which is a plus. Able to access mailbox from exchange server. I am using Thunderbird in windows 10.

Following issues exist for me. I am a heavy user(10k+ emails): (None of these problems were faced when using POP email):
1. Mail filters get stuck (about every 1-2hr). Does not process any more emails. Inbox shows unread emails, but unable to access it. Workaround is to re-start Thunderbird.
2. Cut-paste partially pastes.
3. When replying, if there is a graphical signature, the error message pops when sending the message and mail cannot be sent. Workaround is to remove all the graphical signatures.
4. New Draft mails in Draft folder never shows up. After re-starting Thunderbird, able to see new draft mails.

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