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To the developer,

Thanks you for this addon. I would like to suggest the following improvements.

1) Basically, add the features of Persona Switcher at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/thunderbird/addon/personaswitcher/ that allows the user to automatically rotate through all of his personas on a time interval that he selects.
It is this important feature that would really complement and improve your addon a lot. At least for those who do not use Personas Plus that I assume already has this feature to rotate through a set of personas.
Thanks to consider this suggestion.

2) Add a counter of the number of personas currently used. Say at the top of the page for this addon.

3) When no personas have been added, it does not show the default page where it would list the default persona. You could add such a default page.
You could also add a refresh button to the default page listing the personas, as when you add a new persona, it does not refresh the default page of this addon to show the newly added persona and I have to press the the "reload current page" to see the new persona that I have just added.

4) By the way, I do not have installed Personas Plus for several very good reasons and I will not change my mind on this matter in the future.
I assume Personas Plus might already provide this feature of rotating through a set of personas. If it is the case, you could still add this feature to this addon for those who do not use Personas Plus.

Thanks to consider these suggestions to improve this addon further. Thanks to the developer to provide this addon that is really very useful to save the personas.