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I used the add-on to add another “Local Folder” account and everything worked fine. Thanks! But I then noticed something strange. In all dialog boxes that Thunderbird pops up, such as “please enter your master password”, “are you sure you are ready to send”, also dialogs opened by add-ons, the actual message appeared twice – the second copy followed just after the first, with no separating characters. Other parts of the dialog such as window title, button texts, checkbox labels were not affected. I selectively disabled add-ons to find that LocalFolder is responsible. It's not a huge problem because having created my extra Local Folder, it fortunately does not go away even if the add-on is disabled (so that’s what I have now done and I hope the account won’t suddenly disappear some time later). But maybe the author would like to see if that can be fixed. I observed this with a current TB 38.6.0 under Linux (GNOME desktop).

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (0.8.10).