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For all the negative reviews about sites that change their certificates too often or use multiple certificates: the app has an option to check just the Certificate Authority (CA) that issued the certificates to make sure it hasn't changed. You just have to check the box on the warning popup so it can't get much easier. For sites that use multiple certificates from different CAs there is the "nuclear" option of ignoring a host completely. I wish websites were consistent and used the same certificate on all servers for all subdomains. That being said, it would be REALLY nice if the app allowed the approval of multiple certificates for a domain.

As others have noted there are a lot of warning popups because many sites are prematurely updating their certificates because SHA-1 has been deprecated (superseded and discouraged since it is no longer considered safe) and the SHA-2, variant SHA-256, is the new minimum. (I wish the new minimum was SHA-3 so we won’t have to repeat this later when SHA-2 is deprecated.) Since Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft, and others have generally set the deadline for 2016 most websites should have upgraded by now and the popups will be greatly reduced.

As I said earlier, the most helpful feature to add would be to store multiple certificates for a domain. Most importantly it needs to be updated to be e10 compatible for multiprocess or it will no longer be compatible with newer versions of Firefox.

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