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CallingID Link Advisor is an add-on that identifies the true address of a website, and displays information about the location, at which the site is maintained, by performing a quick who-is lookup. If it can't retrieve all the information, it considers that site unsafe. This add-on is helpful, to identify site spoofing, but just because a site keeps certain information about it secure, that doesn't make it unsafe at all. Plenty of sites such as mine (www.wehaveitall.net) keep their information secure, so the entire world doesn't see their address! This add-on deserves a 7. It helps you identify site spoofing, but it doesn't help you identify safe and unsafe websites at all, like it claims to do. Is it worth downloading? It depends. If you don't have the wot add-on, (www.mywot.com, or https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3456) or any other security things, then this is probably helpful, although, wot doesnt slow down your computer, and tells you what sites are truely safe and unsafe based on peoples experiences, and several automatic sources.