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The earlier review saying this add-on "was of questionable value" was, from my point of view, mistaken. Here is why.

Working as a technician I see daily that the "average user" sadly lacks good judgment. They happily flock where I would fear to tread, downloading "Cool Stuff" with impunity! But then later they wonder what happened to their PC's surfing ability or worse. Then I wind up amazed yet again at the "Average User". LOL.

Although it's true that it does tend to slow the the web experience a bit, & is not the perfect judge of a malicious site. I think that tends to educate "average users" of the do's and don'ts when online.

That is why upon return of their equipment, I will continue to submit to them in a .txt file on their desktop the download links for Mozilla Firefox, this add on, along with a link to a pre-fetching browser accelerator to speed it back up a bit, and another add-on's link that curbs unwanted scripts from surprising them (NoScript).

So I think highly of "Calling ID". Keep it up!

Just my two cents... LOL