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Mejora la versión a la que sustituye. Puedes elegir mantener el nombre de los archivos o modificarlo por un patrón. También te da la opción de descargar el texto del correo, marcar como leído los mensajes de los que descargas los asuntos y otras opciones que no voy a usar.

Lo único que no me explico es por qué Thunderbird no da esta opción de manera nativa

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I need to automatically (when email is received) store attachments (and preferably email body) to the folder on the disk. I need that email from one sender is stored to one folder and email from another sender to different folder. I have up to 100 senders/I need 100 folders. This addon doesn't provide this because it doesn't automatically store attachments. Please implement this feature.

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Doesn't save files with the email's original timestamp, which is the whole point of using this add-on.

Doesn't work in search results; just hangs indefinitely or does nothing and shows no errors.

Mostly useless, but it does at least allow downloading all inline images.

I wish Mozilla would bring back the old extension infrastructure.

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So far so good. Pretty flexible and just what I was looking for. Great work!

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In case of file duplication, there is a popup for selection.
The checkbox "Dont ask me again, always do this."
doesn't work. it pops again and again, I have 3,000 email....
The add-on is useless for me

In this case there is automatic renaming in the options of the add-on, so that "-1", "-2" or similar can be appended to the file name.

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Another vote for detach/delete attachments after sending mail. I miss this feature very much.

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this look great,
how i can reduce sender name #from# and make it just 3 chars

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Thunderbird 68.4.1. Originally, as I wanted to open, e.g. 30 pdf attachments from email, all were opened in Adobe Reader - that is, 20 cards with pdf documents are open. After installing AttachmentExtractor Continued, something broke with this process, i.e. only max. 6 or less (random) cards (documents) from these 20 pdf attachments. After uninstalling AttachmentExtractor Continued the problem remained. Rather, I do not blame the Adobe Reader itself, because I uninstalled it, reinstalled, repaired and nothing changes. After downloading attachments to the disk and opening them all open properly, that is all 20. The problem is as if when you want to open all attachments from the email Thunderbird filtered these pdfs - some open, some not. The described problem also occurred on the second computer which is confirmation of the culprit AttachmentExtractor Continued. I am asking you for help. Can you install Thunderbird (overwrite) on an existing installation without losing your settings and mail, which is everything to repair this installation? Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the update to TB 68.

A function to automatically detach attachments after sending mail would be very useful.

Up to TB 60 AttachExtraTools could detach attachments.
Unfortunately the development was stopped by the author.

Maybe you could include this feature in your addon?


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I would like to make a suggestion - this ext. may remove files seen as attachments, but I would like to to remove all embedded files as well.
I used to be able to do this via Dorando Keys, it was a simple process.
I had assigned this process to Ctrl+Shift+U. First change the email view to text only, at which time all embedded images, files, etc become attachments, then remove all attachments, then reset back to viewing as HTML. These actions were done via the built in functions in TB.
Unfortunately Dorando Keys appears to no longer be supported.
Although, I should say that images embedded via apple devices in emails were never removed - apparently those are in some format which TB did not recognize (but regular attachments were removed.
This removal of all embedded and attached files make a huge difference when I save my emails long term.
Thanks for your consideration.

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RE MY Jan. 8, 2020 review question:
I've solved it! Thx to support forum. (Ans = to set Add-on pref via TB menu).And yay! delete works.

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A very usefull tool.

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How can i use the #count# function?
On the other hand, is there an option to add an incremental number to each of the extracted files?

#count# is for duplicate file names

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Hi Alexander,

I did it exactly the same way you are describing. What I get is this: "Das Add-on konnte nicht installiert werden, da es nicht das von Thundbird erwartete Add-on ist.

When I try to install the xpi after downloading it, T-Bird tells me this: Das Add-on konnte nicht installiert werden, da es nicht mit dem Thunderbird 68.2.1. kompatibel ist.

When I try to install it on my Laptop (where I have Thundbird v. 60 installed, it installs without any problem.

Thank you and greetings


Update: See the developers reply to m9d's comment: this solves the issue (use version 2.0.2)

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (1.5.3).  A felhasználó már korábban értékelte ezt a kiegészítőt.

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Hi there,

first of all thanks for your great work!

I am having the same issue as tomZZZ (Win 10, TB 68.1.0 / TB 68.2.1, ATE 2.0.2) though:

'The add-in could not be installed because it does not match the add-on Thunderbird expected'

Thanks Alexander for the quick feedback. That indeed is the issue! For everyone else stumbling across this: I had to scroll all the way down and unfold the `Versions` section.

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (1.5.3). 

Ahhh, now I see the strange ATN behaviour. Because of the disabled version 2.0.3 on ATN, the download-link now gives you version 1.5.3 which is intended for Thunderbird 60.

Please, do not clickt the link to the "latest" add-on version. Go to the version list and select / click explicitly version 2.0.2 for Thunderbird 68. The "1.5" versions are only for Thunderbird 60.

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Thank you for your work.
A small bug when updating TB to 68.2.1, an error message is present in the task bar (below)

Erreur d’analyse XML : entité non définie
Emplacement : chrome://attachmentextractor_cont/content/settings/aec_options.xul
Numéro de ligne 38, Colonne 11 : <radio pane="aec-foldersPane" value="aec-foldersPane" label="&attachmentextractor.settings.folderstab.label;" oncommand='wdw_aecOptions.showPane("aec-foldersPane");'/>

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (2.0.3). 

Sorry, missing locale strings in 2.0.3; this is fixed in 2.0.4

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Thank you for continuing this much useful Thundebird Extension!

But... after i run and attachments have been saved on disk, i observe that they were not deleted from the e-mails, whose size remains big (e.g. 15MB)! Is this a bug? So sorry i cannot give a good ranking yet, but will change it once this is solved.

Why "AttachmentExtractor Continued" does not appear in the official Mozilla Thundebird add-ons site? It is a pity as i nearly missed it.

As i just commented in the original extension page, it would be very useful that the addon can compute for each file a #hash number# token. That way files with the same name can automatically be linked to the same file on disk if they have exactly the same content, but to different files on disk if they are dissimilar. Indeed it is very often that because of repetitivie forward, or re-sending the same documents to different people, a same documents appears in multiples (easily tens of) e-mails.

A #year# token would be useful also...



thanks for the reply, i don't know where can i further reply so i edit the comment. My direct contact if needed is [email protected]

When i use ThunderBird native functionality, i.e. right-click on an attachment of several MB and press 'Detach...' in the context menu, then the size displayed in TB drops to around 20K, and after compacting the size of the mailbox on disk has decreased by the given number of MB.

When on the contrary i use 'AE extract' in the context menu, neither does the size display change, neither the mailbox size on disk even after compacting.

I have tried the option "after extraction, remove the attachment from message", which indeed removes the attachment and reduces the size, but in this case there is not even a link, i.e. the attachments are marked deleted instead of showing a link that i can still click to open the extracted file (as is the case with the native 'Detach...' button).

So i suspect there is a bug, maybe particular to my configuration (TB 68.1.0 (64 bits)). Note that the original AttachmentExtractor was working fine when i used it on a previous TB version.

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (2.0.2). 

The size on disc remains (or grows up a bit) when doing the deletion process, when using the classic mbox format for mail storrage. After compacting the folders the size on disc should become smaller. This is absolutely normal and expected from a technical point of view.

AEC does not appear in the listing of ATN because of the still missing (more than 9 month now!) approval from an advanced Thunderbird/Add-on reviewer. There are about 24 (completely new) Add-ons in the review waiting line. This is a pity, but not my fault.


REPLY to authors REPLY

"Detach" does not delete the attachments, when the necessary option is not set to "Delete" the attachments. So "Detach" alone doesn't reduce the messages size. This is absolutely correct behaviour.

Thunderbird 68 provides (as a new feature) a link to deleted attachments in its standard functions. At the moment this is not possible by using the add-ons features. To get this working, some small code changes would be necessary in Thunderbird itself: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1578801

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Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (2.0.1). 

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Thank you very much for this most useful add-on

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (1.0b1). 

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Super, vielen Dank für die Weiterführung des Projektes auch wenn es - bis jetzt - noch etwas hakt. Aber auch so ist es eine irre Erleichterung der täglichen Arbeit, die Thunderbirdroutine mehrere Mails am Stück abarbeiten zu lassen.

Mein Wunsch für künftige Versionen, die Option, das Maildatum als Dateidatum setzen zu lassen. Irre ich mich oder gab es das beim Original oder habe ich es nur nicht gefunden?

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (1.0b1). 

Ich arbeite zur Zeit an der komplett überarbeiteten Version für Thunderbird 68 der bald erscheinen wird. Das genannte Feature würde jetzt noch als letztes auf meiner Liste stehen, bevor ich die neue Version dann endlich zur Veröffentlichung geben würde.