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Youtube Best Video Downloader 2 - MP3 MP4 1080P

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It just wants all your data for all websites. Is this the beginning of a great friendship? Guess not.

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (8.3). 

Complete YouTube Saver

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I installed ffmpeg as advised, but am still unable to get 1080p videos. For some reason, they keep downsizing on completion. My workaround: opening the video in a player while still downloading. This way it's not downsized, but I'm left with a separate audio and video file, which I mux together in MKVToolnix, ending with an mkv file.

Gmail Manager-community

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Creates a toolbar above the Bookmarks Toolbar, which can't be moved anywhere. Uninstalled.

Menu Filter

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Any hope for a FF57 update?????????

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (19.1). 


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It used to be a major commodity in my browser, has stopped working in Firefox 3.0.7. Please update.

P.S.- for everyone interested: after a google search I came across an extension called FoxNotes. It turned out to be a direct continuation of QuickNote, integrating into the browser the same way. It manages up to ten note-tabs, and has more sensible customization.
So the update exists, it only isn't publicized on this site - rather inexplicably.

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Yoono: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn YouTube GTalk AIM

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On the brink of having too many functions, Yoono 5.2 feels stingy and downright unfriendly in the customization area. I can't begin to tell how the five available skins annoy me. They make the browser look incoherent and contrast unpleasantly with most sites. I just don't want an ominous patch of flashy cartoon colors for my sidebar, nor a pitch black one, I would prefer the early versions' discreet presence. Or rather, the option to handle the colors myself.
The other thing that annoys me is the unremovable no-name box right under the user strip. It lists the same links as the Discoveries widget, only fewer of them. As I need Yoono for the very functionality of the link recommendations, now I'm stuck with a permanent sight of space-wasting redundancy. Theoretically I ought to love Yoono. Actually, I'm going to get rid of it a soon as I find something else that does the job.

P.S. -- And now with integrated ads. Insert cursing here.

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (5.4.0).