Cyb3rD0n Architectus


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Név Cyb3rD0n Architectus
Hely Zürich, Switzerland
Ezóta tag febr. 1, 2009
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LikeThePage - Facebook Like Any Page!

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This add-on is awesome, as I can easily share webpages and articles from website which don't have the Facebook Like button, without having to create a huge link on my Wall!

But perhaps it's nice to customize the text of the single-line "Like"-feed. As pages have huge or ridiculous titles sometimes and therefore are hard to share seriously... Perhaps only the first "page title" part customizable to prevent spam and such. I mean, look at the page title of this Firefox page. It's hard to share that via the Like button: much too long and too much useless words for a shared link...

But anyway, it's made my internet experience 99% better!