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Név Sylv
Ezóta tag márc. 17, 2014
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I love this theme! It's my favorite. Made even better because all I actually get are her eyes peaking up over my bookmarks which just adds to her crazy. But it's actually positioned so that you can see her and everything, unlike most themes. And it's so colorful! I think this is the best Jinx theme. :) Thanks for making it! <3

Welcome To Nature

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Soooooo many levels in love omg thank you

APNG-Madara Uchiha

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It's animated! Amazing. :3

The Monster 420

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Very well done :)

Skull Master 420

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Mooorree!!!! This is amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with all the other homestuck characters that you end up doing. :3 Though it is a bit difficult to read anything in the purple with the simple white glow about the letters. Still amazing though. :)