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Excellent add-on. I've been using it almost since it first came out. Makes my calendar much easier to read. Since you can now specify the colour of 'Today' and of the 'selected day', I was wondering if there was any way it could be extended to select the background colour of all days in the current month and those days shown for beginning & end of other months. Just an idea..

Léirmheas ar leagan níos sine den bhreiseán seo (6.1). 

This is a good idea and will be considered for the next release of Calendar Tweaks.

For completeness, the backgrounds for all types of days would be made configurable:
- weekday this month background
- weekend this month background
- weekday other months background
- weekend other months background

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have been using a chrome .css file for many months now to get event boxes fully coloured like this add-on does, but each time I had to change/add/edit a category, it meant re-writing the .css file. This add-on now does it all for me. Brilliant !. I know there have been issues with un-categorised events, but as I categorise all my events, it wasn't an issue to me. I know it has a setting to alter shading on other months in month view, but is it possible to alter the background colour of the whole calendar ? I find the white background very harsh. A user-selectable background colour would make the whole calendar much more readable. Excellent add-on.

Léirmheas ar leagan níos sine den bhreiseán seo (4.0).