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Use Bcc Instead Redémarrage nécessaire

Who among us has not made the mistake of sending a 'broadcast' email to a large number of recipients without using BCC; thereby revealing everyone's email addresses to all? This simple add-on attempts to prevent this from occurring.

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Thunderbird Biff Redémarrage nécessaire

This add-on provides a visual indicator of new Thunderbird mail availability in supported clients (Firefox, Sunbird) and Thunderbird itself. Note: you MUST install this add-on in BOTH Thunderbird and supported clients as there are both client AND ser...

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ThunderPlunger Redémarrage nécessaire

Sorry but this addon is no longer supported in TB 60. See below.

This add-on provides a few new ways to keep Thunderbird clean.

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After Unsent Mail Is Sent Redémarrage nécessaire

Sorry but this addon is no longer supported in TB 60. See below.

Run a program of your choice after unsent mail has been sent.

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Mes critiques

Windows Contacts Loader

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Thanks for this great addon. I am currently using EarlyBird and am on Windows 10. This addon seems to work partially in that it does create a Windows address book and it does create the proper number of entries. However all of the entries have no properties whatsoever. I have checked the Error Console and see nothing being written there. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks much!

Classic TB2

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Thanks. I much prefer this theme over the default for TB 31. However, when this theme is enabled in TB 31 on Windows 10, I can no longer grab the top of the window and move the window around on the screen. This is a major enough problem that I have had to return to the default theme. Please fix if possible. Thanks

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.3.0).