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Disable "You"

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This add-on might not be needed in Thunderbird anymore (according to a user below) but over in the Postbox camp our mail client says "Me" on practically every email. I'd really like to be able to make it more like Tb2 where there's no dumb address processing. This extension would do that nicely if it was made compatible :-)


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You can't help but think the project would be better off just asking for donations to employ someone who could actually finish it. It's been in beta forever and still has all kinds of issues.

And what exactly does "invite attendees" do? It doesn't invite anyone or send anything. You can add people to a list but that's about all. If it's to do with needing a CalDav server (which I have thanks), wake up and realise that people want to invite people from all places to meetings, not just those within a company.

Microsoft put Windows Calendar together very quickly and it's a good alternative that isn't mentioned much. Very very fast and stable.

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A really brilliant extension. I think it shows great insight from the author.
It's a big shame it doesn't work with Postbox yet. Hopefully he can fix it sometime :-)

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Supprimer les messages en double (Alternatif)

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This extension is definitely one of the best out there. I've just migrated from Thunderbird to Postbox and was disappointed that it isn't compatible :-(

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Stylish - Custom themes for any website

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The great thing about Stylish is that it can do nearly anything in Mozilla-based apps.

For example, I've just started using Postbox. Postbox tries to scale images to the window size, but it's very slow to do this and pretty bad at it - working only when it feels like it. The fix? Disable the built-in auto-fit and add a Stylish script to do the job. Perfect results. I did this back in Thunderbird 2 and have carried the script over

img {
max-width: 100% !important;

by someone very helpful on Mozillazine

Someone earlier said they were using Stylish to colour topics in Postbox. I used to do this in Thunderbird, but it's not working in Postbox. If anyone has the script please paste it and find me on Mozillazine :-)

Oh, the old interface (0.56) was much better.

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