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At the time of comment, a Release Candidate of the next version is available from the homepage, it works with TB3.

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I used to love this extension, but as I've used it more, I find it's intermittent. Sometimes when I enter an address in the "From" field, it's used, but other times it's not. Even if I send a test message to myself and the address I use for the "From" is used, when I send the same message to another person, the address I entered isn't used. Intermittent functionality is even worse than not working at all.

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Sadly, it's unmantained. If you look for an excellent alternative for changing Fcc on Compose, you can look here:

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This does exactly what I need it to do: Allow me to create a custom one-time from: field.

A link below in one of the other reviews has a version that works with 2.0+. I tried that version and it works. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it's apparently no longer maintained.

A link in one of the other reviews (see link to view all reviews) gave me version 0.3.8 that works with thunderbird 2.0+:

But the author is apparently no longer maintaining any extensions:

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can anyone reach the author Frank DiLecce (Ausdilecce)? I wishes to contact him. The URI he left for this project is no longer valid.

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First if you are located in China mainland, then you cannot download it because at the moment it is blocked by the Great Firewall of China.

I've downloaded 0.3.8.xpi and found
* it doesn't work on my tb- (iBook/ppc/Gentoo Linux), the freefrom form doesn't appear when composing message (even after it is enabled). 0.1.7 worked for me however.
* the "improvement" from 0.1.7 to 0.3.8 seems to be:
1. added a warning to stop user sending emails without subject line;
2. remind user for missing attachment.

Both "improvements" are useful but I think they better be in separate plug-ins. The Unix tradition principle of programs should "just do one thing and do it well" seems also apply in plugin development: if you have off-topic functions you surprise users or overlap other solution. I hope more improvements that directly solve related problem would come up.

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This module has a race condition loading windows so so sometimes the widgets don't appear. I worked around the problem by changing the timeout in tmpfrmfcc.js from 300 to 600ms. You have to unzip the jar, edit the file then rezip the jar to do this.

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I have been looking for an extension that mimics the fcc: function in Eudora, and this appears to be the one. I also use Copy Sent to Current, but you cannot save the "copy to:" folder with a template. This lets you save the fcc with a template - a big time saver.

This needs a Help file that's more than mouse-over instructions.

Potential bug: Setting "Default Fcc for new composes" to "No Fcc" disables any copies being saved to the default Sent folder. However, if you Fcc to some other folder, a copy -is- saved to the Sent folder in addition to the specific Fcc folder.

I found this out the hard way when I could not locate mail I sent without a Fcc specified, and found that no copies were saved. Glad I only sent a few messages before I discovered this

Using TB

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updated version for TB v2.0+

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Needs to be updated for TB2.0.

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This extension needs a few improvements. Sometimes it fails to copy messages to the selected folder when they are sent. Its folder selection menu should also use the "Recent" menu that TB uses for "Move To" and "Copy To". The automatic selection of folder based on recipient is also intermittent, but it's convenient when it does work.

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Any chance on this being updated?