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For anybody who is using Ubuntu and got the Thunderbird 60 update and now is no longer able to use Lightning

The solution is to remove Lightning, then run "sudo apt install xul-ext-lightning" to then get the correct version of lightning and your calender should still be intact.

**Alternative solution for all platforms.**

Solution to Lightning on Thunderbird 60:

On this link you will see that Thunderbird 60 requires Lightning version 6.2.

You can download this version from Mozilla here:

I used version "Dir 6.2b6-candidates/" at bottom of page.

Download the .xpi file for you OS (Win, Mac or Linux).

Install via the "Install Add-On from file" from the drop-down menu on the Firefox>Addons>Extensions page.

Works normally. No problems.


Further note for NEXTCLOUD users

Initially it won't sync after upgrade. The solution is simple:

For all Users with Thunderbird 60 problems with Address and Calendar Sync.
You need

-> about:config
----> network.cookie.same-site.enabled = true —> false

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