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Add it to your todo list if you have will, i can't login in github.

Subject (RegEx)
Header (RegEx)
From (RegEx)
To/Cc/Bcc (RegEx)
To (Regex)
Cc (Regex)
Bcc (Regex)
Body (RegEx)

by Realraven (Axel Grude) (Developer) on Nov. 11, 2020

...on top of that, Thunderbird has removed xbl bindings (the whole foundation for the custom Elements that the filter editor UI of FIltaQuilla is based on). I am still trying to crack that particular nut before we even can get back to fixing features - compatibility with Tb78 is the biggest problem and the first one to solve. I would encourage you to add one issue for each broken feature here, so it doesn't get lost:


by delicacy on Nov. 11, 2020

Yeah, and the best is "expression search / gmailui" that hasn't been updated since tb60 & adds body regex & many other regex options for javascript filtering in tb.. when the author of filta"quilla" never wanted to add regex filtering for the body. this addon's very limited to which parts javascript filtering can be applied.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (2.0). 

I got your feature request - generally if the author of an Add-on has github this is the best place for asking for new functions. Downvoting usually has the opposite effect; it's just unnecessary pressure - consider a lot of Add-ons are free to use and take a freak-ton of time to deveop / update and fix.