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what is it with addons regularly becoming incompatible with thunderbird? the extension works fine when it does, but messes up the filters when it is incompatible. would give full 5* if did not invalidate filters when incompatible. maybe set them to inactive somehow?
Edit: in case it is unclear, i do not blame the developer for extensions becomming incompatible, on the contrary i appreciate the effort put in so far and realize they are not to blame. furthermore, i hope that average-Joe users (me) complaint is forwarded to the core TB devs, as it seems they lost touch with the base.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (2.0). 

This comes from Mozilla's constant changes. They have a big one in preparation the switch to "mail extensions" which is what Firefox did a few years back when _they_ pulled the plug on legacy Add-ons. Thunderbird uses the Firefox code base (mozilla-central) as foundation, so they had to eventually follow suit.

This means Add-ons are only allowed special restricted APIs for carrying out their tasks - these are not complete!

Since we are not there yet (I would say not even 5% of what sophisticated Add-ons need in the Mail sphere) there is an interim step - packaging the Add-on as a "mail experiment". but this takes time and resources (and will still break functionality if not done correctly) - we have spent 250hours on conversion efforst for my Add-ons, but the paid licensed ones will have to be completed first before I can do it with the "free as in beer" ones. It is very hard to find developers with this knowledge!

If you are or know a developer who would like to get involved please feel free to leave a comment here:

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