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Great message filter add-on. It saves me lot of time to save pdf attachments for later review. But I have an issue of 'Save Attachment To' action on network drive. Although I tried to save to a network drive, say '\\Kaa-sd-sf-01\Scan\EMAIL_ATTACHMENT', it always appears '\Kaa-sd-sf-01\Scan\EMAIL_ATTACHMENT' and then this filter rule fails to work after I restart Thunderbird. To make it work, I need to manually correct '\\' at the beginning of path. Do you have any idea? Thanks again for the good work!

I am running Windows 10 and TB 60.6.0 (32-bit).

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.4.1). 

for more detail. It's opening the edit dialog that removes the first backslash. the problem is that the Javascript string compiler reads "\\" as a single backslash (as the backslash is also used for escaping special characters)

The workaround is to add another backslash: